R J Feliciano’s novel ‘Kite Wars’ turns back the clock back to the more innocent year of 1953, when kites and streets provided entertainment and everyone was poor in El Barrio. As a child, our hero tries to be good but the antics of his(sometimes) faithful companions: Filthy, Florindo, Peachy, Junior and Garbanzo end up causing chaos wherever they go. Hilarious in spots, the book also uncovers the love between a boy and his strict, long-suffering father, Papi. This book should be in everyone’s bedside or beach bag. Peter Guinta

Senior Writer, St. Augustine Record, St. Augustine, Florida

Kite Wars
RJ Feliciano Author
As one of Ray Feliciano’s childhood friends and also as a retired university professor, I think that Ray has captured the essence of that period in the history of Spanish Harlem in the 1950s. His description of the “kite wars” and our childhood adventures are accurate and at times quite hilarious as well as deeply touching, as he regales the reader with tales of an urban Tom Sawyer.  He has captured that moment in time with great skill and caring.  My sense is that this work will have universal appeal beyond the Latino community and it will appeal to readers of all ages.  Jesse M. Vazquez, Ph.D., NCC

Professor Emeritus, Counselor Education, Department of Educational and Community Programs ,The Education Division, Queens College

Wally’s Christmas Odyssey

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Ray, I just wanted to share with you that I’ve been re-reading Kite Wars and am even more impressed by the wealth of detail and description you’ve included and used very effectively. This is a very good story and I hope it gets the attention it deserves. I don’t know what it’s reception has been, but don’t stop promoting it because its audience is out there.

Marie Vernon


This lovely novel is a nostalgic journey through 1950s New York as told by a 12-year old Puerto Rican boy. While the story is often humorous, it’s the author’s endearing and heartfelt treatment of his protagonist, his neighborhood, and his friends and family that make this book such a gem. Whether you grew up in El Barrio or not, this book transports you back to the time, reminds you of the simple pleasures (and crushing defeats) of adolescence in a way that makes you smile and ache for a simpler time.

Melissa Resh

Writer, St. Augustine

This one is special. This one is the sacred passage to the first step of manhood. Kite Wars touches the power of nostalgia combined with the timeless journey of growing up. Regardless of ethnicity, age, or regional background, Kite Wars is a story for those who have survived childhood, and for those who are coming through it. It is the triumph of being twelve—a celebration of the good, the bad and the everything that makes the human spirit soar. Kite Wars is a story of firsts when you’re only twelve once.

CJ Goodwin

Kite Wars is an excellent read that is both funny and heartwarming. It is the story of the adventures and misadventures of a Puerto Rican Boy growing up in El Barrio in the ’50’s but the characters and experiences have a universal feel and appeal. You are soon immersed in a much simpler time where kids were free to be kids, parents were loving and wise, families were close, and life was a series of new experiences with your friends at your side. The author brilliantly captures all the excitement and angst of childhood in this humorous and nostalgic look back to a very special time.


St. Augustine