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Kite Wars by RJ Feliciano

Kite Wars

“Florindo, don’t let go!” I yelled as he ran alongside me. “Are you ready?” “No, no, don’t let go. I’m not readyyy.!” In spite of my pleas, he let go. My heart thumped faster than my feet could pedal, while sweat gushed from my head as children, bikers and cars came at me from every direction. My grip on the handlebars was hard enough to squeeze chrome juice…. Riding his first two-wheeler, flying a kite armed with razor blades, or sliding over…[more]

Wally's Christmas Odyssey Cover

Wally’s Christmas Odyssey

Christmas Eve night. Wally—divorced father of two– leaves his Times Square office expecting to grab a quick bite, buy the kids’ gift & catch the last train to his lonely upstate home. What happens next careens him through a labyrinth of increasingly bizarre situations, people & places with the questionable aid of chastity, a beautiful angel-of-a-hooker and An-Hel his Puerto Rican guardian angel, Wally embarks with this unlikely pair on a

Mayonnaise Cover


Senioritis, acne and rampant hormones have turned the odds against a 17 year-old ever graduating, getting a driver’s license or taking his dream girl to the prom. It does not help that his “mentored” by an acerbic off-the-wall driving instructor, is harassed daily by an in-your-face bully and has accidentally invited not one but three girls to the prom. His biggest challenge, however, is becoming the courageous person he pretends to be…